Monday, March 31, 2014

Month In Review: March

I've been really busy with my blog this month - just not exactly posting a lot. I wanted to do things and get moving in the right direction with this blog as I finally feel comfortable enough with the basics to start branching out a little. I added commentluv to my blog - which I though was only available for wordpress (anyway, I hope it's finally working. let me know if it doesn't, please). I set up a Google Plus account and am now on Pinterest. I've also now got links where you can find me in my sidebar. Seriously, just pop in to any of those places to talk with me - and you can use Goodreads to see how our taste in books match up.

I have several new plans for the upcoming month as, besides getting comfortable in my coding and layout, I'm finally starting to feel like I can really put myself out there in my posts. I have several discussion style posts in the works, as well as the required reviews lining up. I've also got a couple of new posts getting ready for a reveal next month - and, depending how they work, they may or may not continue past April.

Book's I've read this month: (reviewed ones have a link)
The Shard Axe by Marsheila Rockwell
Throne of the Crescent Moon (Crescent Moon Kingdoms #1) by Saladin Ahmed
Men at Arms (Discworld #15) by Terry Pratchett
Tymora's Luck by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb
Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) by Sarah J. Maas

Honestly, this was a very rough month for me because I read a few too many books that I really didn't like. They were mostly there because they had been sitting on my shelf, unread, for entirely too long - until I finally decided that I had to read them in preparation for my monthly book buying binge. (What? It's healthier than an eating binge. Though not cheaper.) Of course, I also did read two painful disappointments this month. I'm hoping next month will be better.

Also This Month:
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Next Month:
I've trimmed down my meme's - so most of what you'll be seeing are the wonderful Top Ten Tuesday's.
I plan on getting reviews out twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays).
I also have a weekly-wrap-up planned for every Sunday.
I have two new bi-monthly events planned - one that's bookish discussions and the other that's just me talking about life outside my blog.
Finally, I have a weekly challenge feature, where I ask myself tough questions about books (favs and least favs, for example) and am willing to accept questions from my readers.

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