Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Too Meme or Not Too Meme

As you might have noticed, I didn't post a Top Ten Tuesday this week like I usually do. So, I want to talk about memes this week.

I actually started up with probably four or five memes a week when I was first doing my blog. I discovered really quickly that would never work for me. So, I kept my favorite 'Top Ten Tuesday' - which also happens to be one of the most popular.

I just didn't have enough to say about their chosen topics to post - even Top Ten Tuesday won't be getting me every week anymore because - like this week's topic of 'ten books people tell you you must read' - I don't have ten books in my life that have been recommended to me. Much less ones I haven't even read.

The fact is, I love seeing those page view numbers go way up each time I do a meme - but, too often, all you get out of a meme is a quick comment about your post and a link to another blog. That's great, but the fact is that big meme days are so hectic that you don't spend any time at the blog. You just click comment, leave a quick reply and link. Which starts the whole cycle over.

I don't know if you ever get new readers from memes. It would be great if you did, but... I rather doubt it happens often if ever. What I hate about memes - and the list ones are even worse - is when you keep seeing the same one or two books everywhere. It just takes the fun out of it and I'm over there going 'I've only seen this on eight other lists today. Yeah, helpful'.

To be fair, I do love it when Top Ten Tuesday has a 'free' week - because everyone has such different and unique topics and I will always participate in those.

So, that's what I dislike about memes. What do I like about them? That you get a pretty easy post for that day. Usually memes aren't the most difficult posts to write and if it's something you really feel strongly about, they're even easier. (Did I mention I'm a rather lazy person? Because I am.)

I'd love to know what you think of memes. Are they something you post religiously? Something you never post? Only post on topics that interest you? Please, do tell me why as well.