Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Top Ten Non-Bookish Fandoms I Obsess Over

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

Because we all know that my crazy fangirling cannot be limited to books. I mean, seriously.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Movies)
What's really funny is that I'm not quite as big a fan of this as I was last summer. Let's just say that getting an actor I dislike to play Doctor Strange didn't help, but I've also yet to see Civil War. I just don't want to deal with it, honestly. (Can I just have everything happy for as long as possible?) Though Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is going to hit theaters next month and I am SUPER excited for it!

Pacific Rim (Movie)
This movie went from one I wouldn't buy (though I think that was because I had it confused with Jupiter Ascending and I don't know why) to one I bought on a whim because I loved the idea behind the Jaeger pilots into my favorite movie. As I'm writing this, I even plan on getting some t-shirts for it. Because, seriously, I need a Eureka Striker t-shirt.

Power Rangers (Shows/Movies)
Can I just say that I am so buying the new movie as soon as it's released to DVD - even though I won't have seen it before then. Besides that, I've grown up watching Power Rangers. I was like 5-6 years old and watching the first seasons and I've seen a lot of the rest of them over the years (and own over half them on DVD already).

Dragon Age (Games)
Alright, these games are far from perfect, but they are so fun and so addictive. I can easily sit down and spend over five hours on these things - especially the second one (though that might just be because of Anders). The first one does get a little annoying at times. (Or maybe that's just the characters. ;p) Hopefully, by the time this goes live I'll have finally started the third one - as I've been re-playing through the first two to be able to import saves and characters.

Elementary (Show)
When I started this show, I never expected to like it (I mean, ANOTHER modernized Holmes, in America, with a woman as Watson!?) but I decided to give it a shot because of Lucy Liu - who I have always adored. And, you know what, I've NEVER regretted it. Besides an awesome mystery pretty much every episode, the characters are wonderful and nuanced and the level of sensitivity and diversity is absolutely heartwarming. We have a reoccurring transwoman character, (who needs to be on there so much more) strong feminist storylines, a several episode autistic character, as well as episodes that touch on different races and cultures, poly relationships and disability all in respectful ways. This, THIS, is what more shows and movies NEED to be in this day and age.

DC Universe (Shows) (Flarrow 'verse)
This is mostly The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow - and, honestly, after seeing two seasons of the former and one of the latter, I'm not sure which I like more. I am trying to get back into The Arrow, though it'll probably never be my show what with all the brooding going on. (I've only seen season one.) I also want to give Supergirl a go. But, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow get a lot of me wanting to shove them at family members.

I know there's more. I know that as soon as I post this thing, I'll remember something and I be all like 'how could I forget that?' but, for now, this is all I'm coming up with. Besides music, but I've only ever joined one fan club for a singer and now I absolutely hate his music. So…Not really sure music counts as a fandom anyway.

Do let me know if you're a fan of anything here - and I'd also love to know what fandoms you're a part of!