Monday, February 13, 2017

Five Favorite Couples from Romance Novels

Surprising myself more than a little, I find myself actually wanting to talk about my favorite couples from romance novels. That's a little unexpected, especially if you know me, but lately I've read some really great couples. (I almost made this favorite romance novels, but this list is a little different than that one would be.) So, in celebration of Valentines Day tomorrow, here's my five current favorite couples from romance novels!

Issac & Laurent
Empty Net by Avon Gale

This is definitely my favorite in the series so far and I just adore both these guys so much and they are wonderful and complicated together.

Joanna & Diana
Pembroke Park by Michelle Martin

Both these women are such fun apart and when they're together, there's a lot of quick wit and lots of great conversations.

Rakel & Farrin
Heart of Ice & Sacrifice
by K.M. Shea

I love both these characters so much - like a crazy amount - and I adore the fact that they actually start out as enemies for very good reasons.

Jack & Oliver
The Soldier's Scoundrel by Cat Sebastian

I don't often say that the couple in a romance are perfect for each other - but these two guys are. (Partially because no one else would put up with them.)

Thalia & Gabriel
Warrior by Zoe Archer

While I like both characters, it's the dynamics of this relationship that makes me love it. Both are very strong, independent characters and it's great seeing them rely on each other.

Now, beyond the great romance, I genuinely liked all these books (came close to loved and obsessed over for a few of them) and would totally recommend them to anyone! What are some of your favorite romances.