Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Top Ten Least Favorite Romance Tropes

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

It is only now that I wished I kept track of what tropes showed up in my romance novels. But, then again, I don't read a lot of romances, so I'm not sure I could even come up with ten that all use the same trope. So, I decided to be typical and all down on romance like usual and do a list of my least favorite romance-y tropes.

Alpha Hero
If you could even call them a hero. I hate pushy, possessive guys - as well as guys that always have to prove themselves - and these are probably the biggest reason I tend to be very, very careful in my reading of romance novels.

Forced Marriages
I'm including the arranged marriage, the marriage for diplomacy, the marriage of convenience and probably any others that I missed. (Except for fake marriage - I like fake relationships.)

No. Just no.

Pregnancy/Baby Tropes
Any and all. (What can I say? It's the rare kid that I can actually tolerate.)

Romantic False Lead
I think this probably goes back to my preference for the author playing fair with the reader. That and I read romances for the scenes between the love interests.

Love Triangles
Or any other love shapes. While I've always hated them - now it more often than not leaves me wondering why they don't just have a poly relationship. Or at least consider it.

I am truly not fond of super rich characters in my romances.

Royalty in Contemporary/Historical Romance
But, somehow, I find myself totally okay with royalty in fantasy worlds...

I don't know what else to call that, but it's when the love interests are related. Like cousins or such. I don't even care for step-siblings being love interests unless they were well into their teens when they first met. And I know this is a cultural thing, but whatever.

Amnesia in any and all fiction just needs to die with fire - but when it's combined with romance, it gets a very special ire from me.

This crops up in probably 85% or more of romance novels, but I don't like it. Never have.

And there we have my rather odd little list. Are there any romance tropes that you particularly hate?