Wednesday, May 28, 2014

When I'm Not Reading...

You probably don't know - as I now realize I've never really mentioned them - but I have some pets. And generally speaking, if I'm not spending money on books, I'm probably spending money on them.

(I tried getting a better pic of her, but she really didn't want her photo taken so this is her 'I am not amused' expression. Usually both her ears stand straight up.)

So the first one is Bekki. I adopted her almost eleven years ago when she was just a little puppy from this 'animal sanctuary' that's nearby. Bekki's kind of the dog version of a ditzy scatterbrain. Even though she's not exactly hyper, she is always going and, often, racing back and forth like she lost something. She also has a good appreciation for food, always seeming to be hungry. I've always thought she had some German Sheppard in her, but I'm not sure what else she might be crossed with - because she's rather small for that.

(He is such a ham.)

Now, my boy Axel. He was actually a stray that came up where we lived and I decided that if no one claimed him, I'd keep him. He's about eight years old now and, thankfully, has mellowed out over the years. When he was younger, he used to be rather aggressive and often would attack another boy dog I had at the time. He's got some physical problems, like a limp on his front leg and a couple of 'cauliflower' ears. I'm really not sure what breed of dog he's got in him, but I do speculate that he has some wolf in him - mostly because of his looks and how, under this tan color, his coat is grey, giving him an 'always needs a bath' look.

(She knows she rules the roost and doesn't pretend different.)

Not to be outdone by dogs, is my cat Allison. I've had her about ten years now and I adopted her from a family nearby whose barn cat had kittens. For all that Allison should have been an outside cat, she loves her pampered indoor lifestyle. She used to be really standoffish, but since she started getting older, it seems like she always wants me to sit on the couch and pet her. If I sit down and try to read or talk to some one and she wants to be petted, she'll come over and just stare right at me until I give her the attention she wants.

So, do any of you have pets? Over the years besides dogs and cats I've had fish, birds and rabbits. Since I was five, I don't think I've ever not had a dog.