Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Book Snob

No, I'm not talking about how you cannot leave two books sitting on your shelf together when one is so obviously of a higher caliber. I'm not even talking about how silly two books with vastly different quality of covers look sitting side-by-side.


I'm talking about being a book snob. Not that I am, but I've been there - stuck my toes into the shallow end as it were.


When all the 'cool' kids were reading Harry Potter. No thank you, I said. It's a children's book and I, I am a teenager (almost a twenty-something, in fact). It is beneath me. Okay, thanks to the wonderful blogging community - and always being told to read those books - I have now had to eat my words. I'm over twice the age the main characters are in the first book and you know what? I had fun reading it.

What, is that the only time this happened to me? Nope.

Did you know by now that I love fantasy books? Well, I do. Fantasy's my favorite genre. My go to both for times I need something comforting and for times I want my world shaken up a little. However, and even though I saw the movies, I never read The Lord of the Rings books.

Well, thinking that every proclaimed 'fantasy fan' should read what is arguably the most well known fantasy series (and the one that's the granddaddy of the genre as we know it today) at least once in their lives. So, about three years ago I picked up The Fellowship of the Ring and started reading.

You know what? I didn't like it. It was too wordy for me and too much of a boys club.

Both these books have helped me to not be a so called 'book snob'. I read what I want - regardless of if it's a well-known best seller or a 'eh? what's that?' kind of book.

How about you? Are you a book snob? Have you ever been one? Share your thoughts on this and your own book snob experience.