Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review: The Dreamer's Curse by Honor Raconteur

The Dreamer's Curse by Honor Raconteur
Series: The Artifactor #2
Genre: Fantasy
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My review of The Child Prince - book #1

With an un-cursed prince and king back on the throne, Sevana goes back to her usual routine without worry. But her peaceful days don’t last for long. A hunter from a small northern village comes to her, pleading for help. The people in his village are disappearing during the night, transported great distances in their sleep, and they don’t know why. 

Transportation magic such as this hasn’t been seen since the days of great magic, hundreds of years past. On top of that, the power levels that Sevana sees are insanely high—far higher than any modern magic can reach. Sevana drops everything, racing toward the small village of Chastain, praying that she can find the source for all of this and stop it. 

Otherwise, the magical backlash might destroy Windamere.

"It's thwarting me. Anything that thwarts me is evil."

This book has reaffirmed my confidence in second books in a series. (Because, seriously, up until this one, I've been having terrible luck recently.)

This book picks up a short time (a month or two, I think) after the events in the last book and this time around Sevana is telling the story solo. Which is perfect and awesome and I LOVE her so much.

Clearly, a hugging disease of some sort was going around and most of her inner circle had become infected. She'd go looking for the cure later since saying I'm not huggable! clearly had no effect whatsoever.

Really, I'd love to say that this review is going to be an intelligent look at the book and what is does right and wrong - but in truth this is just massive fangirling and me telling you that you need to check this series out. I'm pretty sure the first book is still free at amazon, in fact!

Scavenged stones from ruins that no one knew anything about. Yes, didn't that sound like a disaster waiting to happen.

So, I definitely think the plot is tighter in this book than the previous. And, honestly, I love the plot in here. We get mysterious magic, curses and a totally awesome artifactor. *cough cough* Sorry about that.

This book takes us to a previously untalked about, little out of the way village on the border of the kingdom. I loved how this book focuses much less on nobility and royalty than the first book and gives us a look at a pretty normal sounding village.

"When you live with people for ten years, you get warped by their twisted sense of humor."

And then there's the fact that we get more people from Sevana's past cropping up and I LOVED that, too. In fact, some of my favorite scenes was where she was with her 'family'.

"Only people who really like you tease you."

All in all, my only regret is that I gave the first book five stars, because this one was even better!