Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Top Ten Author Websites I Love

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

I originally wasn't even going to make a list for today's topic because...well, I'm not very social with authors. I have many reasons for this, but I don't really interact with them and I don't follow any on twitter. However, there are a few authors whose blogs I do love visiting now and then. So, I thought I'd list them up here. Of course, there's quite a bit fewer than ten, but these are the blogs that I do love.

Feminist Fiction
Author: Rhiannon Thomas (Her non-book/publishing blog.)
If I remember right, I found this blog just before reading her debut. In fact, her blog was part of the reason that I wanted to read A Wicked Thing so badly. This is without a doubt my favorite author blog and I love the way Ms. Thomas looks at movies, TV and books.

Jim C. Hines
(Publishing/review and personal blog.)
I first came across this blog thanks to a link to Mr. Hines posing in the same manner women do on certain books. (Think the rather oversexualized book covers.) It's possible to find and good for a laugh if you do - but it also made me realize that the strong women (feminist, some would say) that feature in his Princess series is not a fluke.

Gail Carriger
(Book & publishing blog.)
This website is kind of like traveling down a rabbit hole. There are so many little things that tie in to either Ms. Carriger's stories or steampunk in general. It's really a lot of fun.

The Cats Eye Chronicles
Author: T.L. Shreffler (Book blog.)
This is another very fun website where the author really takes the time to add little extras and bonuses for the readers of her stories. I gotta admit, I really love the 'Which Race Are You?' quiz.

Marissa Meyer
(Book & personal blog.)
What I like the most about this blog is all the extras - and the fan fiction contest!

Lindsay Buroker
(Book & publishing blog.)
As a fan of Ms. Buroker's writing, I love the extra's she's got here. But also, considering that she's a self-published indie author, there is also some great advice on here.

Author: Michael J. Sullivan (Book, publishing and personal blog.)
Okay, so I'm incredibly biased as usually when I visit here, I wind up staring at the upcoming releases. But Mr. Sullivan has some good advice for authors as well as great extras and a wonderful sense of humor.


Color me surprised that I actually have seven author blogs that I love on this list. I thought I'd probably have three or four. Have you ever visited any of these? Do you like the authors and now want to visit them? Or maybe if I can convince you to visit the blog, you might find a new favorite author.