Thursday, June 9, 2016

Posting Pattern - & Failing to Post Pattern

I've been noticing something this year: I do really, really good posting for about six weeks. I get the full amount of posts done - usually about five a week - and everything is working beautifully. Then I'm hit with almost two full weeks of laziness. I can't write anything and the only stuff that gets posted is the things that have been scheduled for ages.

I've went through this pattern already twice this year. The first time I was willing to say it was a fluke but the second time I'm starting to think something might be up. (Definitely curious to see if it keeps up, because that will be the end of this month on this schedule.)

When this crops up, instead of trying to add posts only to have to publish them immediately, I just skip to the next month. And, really, it's probably not something most readers would pick up on - but as the person that holds the scheduler, I notice.

I really don't know what the cause of this is besides a general 'down' period that I usually go through. It seems that ever so often, I just need a few days to recharge my batteries and prepare new posts.

That and I get both distracted and lazy. Both have a very high probability of making me do what I shouldn't be doing.

It seems pretty normal for me, but I am hoping that it doesn't continue.

I'm kind of wondering if you find yourself developing patterns like this - or if you take breaks? Or if you have a system of posting on certain days that allows you time to relax and not think about posting?

Really, I'd just love to know how you work things like this.