Wednesday, January 4, 2017

T5W - My 2017 Book & Blogging Goals

Top 5 Wednesday is a group on goodreads that you can find here. Every week - or less for some of us ;) - the members get together and post five books that pertain to a specific topic.

Hello, all! I hope 2017 has been treating you all good. My year has started off pretty well so far and I've got high hopes that it'll keep on track for a good long time.

Today I get to talk about goals I want to complete this year. Honestly, I've been hoping for a chance to talk about them, so let's get started!

Goal #1
Read at least 104 books this year.
Last year I managed this and more and I came really, really close to up-ing my goal - but I don't want to stress about reading and being too far behind. That being said, two books a week is totally doable for me so I should manage this without getting stressed.

Goal #2
Read more diversely.
This is a big thing for me because I notice myself getting into ruts throughout the year. I always try to read diverse books, but they're difficult to find sometimes (especially in spec fiction which is mostly what I read). I'm going to try really hard this year to find more diverse books and read them though. (So, do suggest some to me, please!)

Goal #3
Buy better books.
I know some people think that you have to read bad books to truly appreciate good books. I'm not one of them so this past year I DNFd an average of more than two books a month. (And that's not even including the books I lost interest in and pulled from my TBR.) Most of those books were ones I bought for myself and I can't kelp but look at them as such a waste of money. This year I'm hoping to have as many good books as last year - but fewer DNFs.

Goal #4
Socialize more.
If you've not noticed, I seriously suck at the social aspect of blogging. With my introversion and nerves/anxiety, it's even a challenge to comment on other blogs or reply to my own comments sometimes. I don't think that'll ever change, but I want to at least try to put myself out there a bit more.

Goal #5
Blog what I want to, when I want to.
Last year I had a month+ long hiatus because I was just getting into a rut. Reading wasn't appealing to me and I felt like my blog was demanding that I post. I managed to come back from my hiatus in a much better frame of mind. I had realized several important things for me and I immediately put them into effect. I'm hoping that a few of the things I've got planned for this year will both give me the chance to post what I want to post - as opposed to what I feel is expected of me - and keep me happily blogging away.

And there's 5 goals that I hope to acomplish this year. What are yours?