Friday, January 24, 2014

Reading in 2013 Stats

Inspired by a set of questions for Booking Through Thursday, I decided to go through the books I read in 2013 and see how things matched up with this post of mine. Now, up first we have...

Books by male author's read in 2013: 20
Books by female author's read in 2013: 27
(This does not include the books that have two authors of different genders.)

Books with male main character/s read in 2013: 16
Books with female main character/s read in 2013: 24
(This does not include books that have more than one main character/view point character with different gender characters.)

Of the books I read in 2013, I rated them all on Goodreads and - not including re-reads:

Four received a 5 star rating:

Ten received a 4 star rating:

Eighteen received a 3 star rating:

Three received a 2 star rating:

Five received a 1 star rating:

Now, the number of books I read, by page number:
(none hit exactly on the hundred marks)

100-200 pg: Two
200-300 pg: Thirteen
300-400 pg: Twenty-five
400-500 pg: Six
500-600 pg: Three
600-700 pg: One

I actually found this quite interesting - though the only thing that really surprised me was the surprisingly high number of book I read that had less than three-hundred pages. I don't know that anyone else will be interested in this, but I thought - after going through everything to satisfy my own curiosity - I'd go ahead and post it.