Friday, January 16, 2015

Bookish Findings - January

Welcome once again, this is a new feature for my blog. Here I post all the cute little bookish things I've found. Some months it might be theme, other months simply whatever book stuff I find. This month it's just going to be something of a hodge-podge of things I think it's be cool to own.

Bookish Findings - January

This is a totally awesome lamp, though I think I'd love it just a bit more if it had a nice cream shade.

While I'm more of an armchair reader, this convenient all-in-one chair/bookcase would be awesome to own.

I've always wanted one of these cool bookcases, it's just a pity I don't have room for it.

Anyone else think sheets of pages (or would that be pages of sheets) is a great idea?

Some people have the coolest ideas. I'd love to do this to a staircase - if my house had two floors!

Can't forget about some great wall-hangings.

Well, hope you guys liked this small selection. I'll be back next month, probably doing something romance themed.