Monday, December 14, 2015

Emperor Fuzwarts Magic

I had really hoped that by now I'd have some actual writing to show you - but I failed miserably at getting anything written last month. However, I did get some brainstorming done, so now I get to share with you my magic system. Originally, this story wasn't even going to have magic, but once one of my main characters became a magic user, I had to. ;)

WIP Codename: Emperor Fuzwarts
Progress: First Draft
I'm very early in the first draft of this story. Working on world building and trying to get my characters to point B quicker. (That is, get them out of the city and on their mission/quest/thingy.)

In this world, there are Four Ancient Dragons, existing from the beginning of time, since the world was created out of chaos. Each dragon represents one of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire or Water.
All magic ability is directly linked to each of the four elements and to access it, you must form a 'contract' with the dragon that represents it.

Usually wizards can only contract to one dragon and that's a lifetime contract. But, occasionally, a human might be able to contract to two or three of the dragons. Twice in recorded history, a human contracted to all four.

To use a magic skill, you have to 'pay' for it to the dragon. The payment varies between dragons and the amount of magic used. For example, Frozen Rain (a Water Dragon spell) might cost you a bowl of water at a temple, but Landslide (an Earth Dragon spell) might cost three drops of blood.

Sadly, the cost also varies with the dragon's mood and how much it likes the spellcaster. (Try using a spell for a dragon you haven't contracted to and chances are great, nothing will happen. Occasionally, something might, but not necessarily anything good.)

Now, when I say dragons, I mean it. These are actual living, breathing, mortal dragons. Yes, these same dragons have been alive tens of thousands of years. Yes, they can die. (As a plot in a later story shows.) And, yes, they can take on human appearance. But they are dragons. Not exactly normal dragons from the world - because we have a few of those too - but these are the Four Ancient Dragons.

As I mentioned earlier, these dragons can take on human form - though they often don't, preferring the solitude that their power affords them.

They do have minions, though!

There we have a quick look at my magic system. Really, after all this, I'd love to write a story about these dragons.

I do plan to make up a whole slew of magic spells for each element - and a few that combine elements - as well as a whole personality sketch-up for each of the Ancient Dragons. I might post it whenever I get there, so let me know if you're interested.

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