Friday, December 11, 2015

How Much Of A Chance Is Too Little For Books?

You know, it seems crazy that, earlier this year I made another post on DNFing books and claimed that I didn't do it much. That's the truth. Up until this year, I would hardly ever DNF a book - it had to be really awful for me to give up on it.

Now though, I can DNF a book and never look back.

I think the biggest thing that has changed is that I have a huge stack of books that I own and haven't read yet (not even talking about all I want to get a hold of) and I look at all those books and think to myself 'I'm only ten pages into this book and I already don't like it, I'm sure one of these other books will be better' and that leaves me bailing on the books sooner.

If there's something that catches my interest in the book, I'll still push through it. But sometimes, I can tell right away that I won't like the book. For example, I just recently sat down with a book that sounded great. Within 10 pages, I already knew I would hate the main character, so why subject myself to another 300+ pages when I can tell that I'll hate him? (And I flipped through the book and caught a couple snippets of his conversations and, yes, I would still hate him.)

Although, sometimes I do feel a little guilty.

What if the next chapter turns everything around? What if I'm jumping a bit prematurely?

Eventually I have to just push those thoughts aside. After all, I'd rather give this book over here - that starts off awesomely - a chance to wow me, as opposed to a book I'm just not feeling.

I have recently put down a couple of books that I just wasn't feeling with the intent to return to them sometime - because I could see myself really liking them under different circumstances.

How about you? DNF or not? Do you think I shouldn't have such an early reaction to books? Give them more of a chance, maybe to page 50? (But I am one of those people that the further I get in a book, the less likely I am to DNF it.)

I'd love to hear how you DNF (or not) a book and if you have any rules that you follow.