Thursday, January 7, 2016

Shaking Up The TBR + January TBR Outline

Today I would usually be talking about all the books I drew from my TBR jar and what I'm looking forward to reading. However, the last couple months I have been really finding my TBR jar kind of useless. That and my genre burnout (which I talk about tomorrow!) have left me in kind of a 'what do I read' daze.

Since October, I've been unable to really get fully involved with my selections. And it's not because I don't want to read the books, because last month I drew several books that I was super excited about reading but, once I actually had the paper in my hand, I kind of lost interest.

So, this month around, I'm doing something a bit different.

I won't randomly draw books from my TBR Jar. Instead, I have five categories that I'll divide my books between and each book will come from one of those categories. (Several of these categories fulfill my challenges I've set for myself this year. And you'll get to find out more about them next week!)

Categories are:
Next Book in a Series
Book I've Had on my TBR for Over a Year
A Retelling
A Big Book (over 500 if YA, 400 if adult)
A 2015 Release

What I've done is made several lists for each category, listing any of my books that fit it (there will be some overlap) and will choose one book off each list throughout the month to read.

Hopefully this will both give me some structure - so I'm not staring at my shelves/kindle, wondering what to read - and allow me enough freedom that I don't scrap it immediately - like I've been doing with my TBR Jar books lately.

I'd also like to get a couple books read from my Winter TBR (which, perhaps uncoincidentally, also fit several of my lists) read this month. Plus, I have a reread that I want to get to this month in preparation of the sequel's release next month.

This reread, and, honestly, I am super excited to reread it.

So, there's my plans for reading this month and a much more fluid TBR list.

Do you use a structured TBR list? I'd love to hear how you decide what book to read next if you have a lot that you want to read.