Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten 2016 Reading Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

I'm a naturally curious person and I like doing the whole compare/contrast thing. So, of course I had to go back to look at my resolutions for last year. I actually was rather happy with my accomplishments. Even if I didn't succeed in all of them, I did with three: keep up with this blog, be more social and read more different books. Surprised I actually accomplished any and here's to hoping I manage more than three off this list!

Resolution #1
Read more manga, comics and graphic novels.
I've read both manga and comics and enjoyed them. I've not actually read any graphic novels yet though, and I'm really curious as to what they're like. The reason I don't read 'sequential art' stories as much as I might want is because they're such a quick read and not particularly cheap. I definitely want to look into Amazon's kindle comics store and maybe borrowing some e-books and giving them a shot though.

Resolution #2

Complete my challenges.
Unlike last year, I have actually challenged myself to complete three challenges. I probably won't be participating in the hosted challenges - all that extra work probably won't happen - but I plan to have a quarterly report telling you how I've been doing. The challenges are: chunky book challenge, (adult books 400+ pg, YA books 500+ pg) finish the series challenge and a TBR clean-up challenge.

Resolution #3
Diversify My Reading
It's difficult for me to find books with diversity without being about diversity - understand? But I would love to read some diverse authors and about some diverse characters. I have read a few, but I really want to read more. (And I am totally always open for suggestions with this so suggest away. Please?)

Resolution #4
Make Time For Myself Outside of Reading
Okay, I love reading - and I am a seriously homebody, introvert - but my 'me time' is pretty much reading or playing computer game. Or watching tv. And there are things I'd like to try. Hobbies beside reading I'd like to give a shot this year.

Resolution #5
Be a More Social Blogger
This will probably make my list every year. But the fact is, I'm not the best at commenting. I'd like to get better. I'd like to 'network' more. I'd like to start conversations with more people. I'd like to be more outgoing.

Resolution #6
Quit Going Crazy With the Book Buying
Self explanitory, no? At the end of last year, I forced myself into a book buying ban and it has worked wonders so far. However, I am a little terrified that two months after I stop my ban, I'll have as many books as I did when I started it. So, I definitely need to exercise some self control here.
Resolution #7

Buy Some Reading Equipment
What do I mean, I can hear you all asking. Well, I have exactly one place I can read at home, and sometimes it get's super uncomfortable. I'd like to get one of those little 'bed chair' thingies and a lamps for near my bed too. Maybe a beanbag or pillows for my floor.

Resolution #8
Read Outside of My Comfort Zone More
I don't mean go crazy and only read books that are there, but it wouldn't hurt me to pick up a few more books that are different than what I usually read, now would it. I have done a little of this last year, but with mixed results - and have wound up with a few surprise books that I love.

Resolution #9
Quit Buying So Many Full Price Books
Usually, if I wait until a few weeks after the book has been released, I can get it cheaper used. Also I can often find them at places like Book Outlet - which is cheaper than Amazon.

Resolution #10
Read, Just Read
Yup, you read that right. I want to read this year. I half think I'm going to set a low Goodreads challenge goal, because I don't want this year to be so much about the numbers. I want to read what I want to read, when I want to read it, and not even think about my total for the year. Of course, reading a bunch of books each month is awesome!

There are my resolutions this year. I'm very interested in seeing what I manage - and what falls by the wayside! What are your resolutions?