Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Finds - February 28th

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Welcome to another edition of Friday Finds. I know I've not had these up for while, but I have been trying to avoid any new books until I make progress on the ones I've got. Yeah, that worked about as well as you'd expect... Anyways, on to the books:

Full Steam Ahead
The Butler Who Laughed

The Treachery of Beautiful Things
The Spymaster's Lady

Stolen Songbird
Romancing the Duke

Would now be a good time to mention I'm actually not a big reader of romance novels? Seriously, romance novels and I just don't get along. So, why are there so many on this list? Well, the first one just seems too cute to pass up (sounds like my kind of guy, too) and the second one reminds me of those old Emilie Loring books that were always so fun to read. As for the fourth one... It's not my fault that of late I have become completely obsessed with spies. Not my fault at all... And, finally, the sixth one merely comes from reading a review at Goodreads that use quotes from the book and those quotes had me laughing out loud. So, of course I have to buy it. The other two books are young adult novels that both just sound lovely.

My plans for the weekend include playing some computer games, doing some minor household cleaning and, hopefully, finishing Cinder. Have a good weekend.