Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mini-Review: High King's Tomb by Kristen Britain

High Kings Tomb by Kristen Britain
Series: Green Rider #3
Published by Fantasy DAW
Pages: 643
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: Meh
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Dresses could be fixed, but pride was more difficult to patch back together.

Honestly, this was a really painful book to review because while I saw flashes of brilliance in the first in the series and the second was shaping up to be a really fun series, this one feels like it just keeps repeating everything. The people are seeming to stagnate and the story itself is now moving along at a snails pace. I don't know how many times I was sitting there going 'haven't I read this before? Like forty pages ago?'. Now, I do understand that the more times something is repeated - for example, a certain obsession that one of the characters have, or maybe the fact that a Green Rider doesn't like horses - the more ingrained it is with the character. However, after awhile, all the times those thoughts/actions repeated it just started to feel like padding to make the book hit that six hundred page mark.

With the removal of the major villain at the end of the last story - gone for now, anyways - the 'bad guys' of this story seem very...tame. And human. Which leads me to wonder how stupid the 'good guys' have to be to not see what's going on and stop it. Really, the meat of this story could have been squished down to a hundred and fifty or two hundred pages, at most, without loosing anything. I guess that this book - the third in a projected five book series - suffers from that 'second-book-syndrome' that the second book of most trilogies have. I did intend to give this book a 'good' rating but then I realized that I was only doing that out of fond remembrance of the first two books in the series. I did enjoy parts of this book, but other parts felt as though they had to be slogged through. (And I won't even go into how long it took me to read this book.) I don't know when - or, in all truth, if - I'll be reading the next book in this series.

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I, in fact, will not read the fourth book in this series. Out of curiosity I read a few reviews over at Goodreads about Blackveil and it has officially lost any chance of me ever reading it. No. Just no. These three books are coming off my shelf also. No reason to have them there. More of a reason not to.