Friday, February 5, 2016

Being a Mood Reader

I think I've actually been a mood reader my entire life - I just didn't realize there was a name for it until I started blogging. Basically what it means to be a mood reader is that when I want to read, I don't just want to read anything. I want a specific type of book. Maybe I'm in the mood for a dark (ish?) fantasy - or I want nothing more than to read a cute contemporary.

Whatever the case, it has to be a certain type of book otherwise I will probably enjoy it less than if it was the type of book I was looking for. What does this mean?

#1: I dither when it comes time to pick out what book to read next.
It's not that I don't know what I feel like reading. Nor is it that I don't want to read. Because I do. It's that I don't know which book will best capture what I want to read. Which leaves me frustrated and finally just grabbing a book. (I've noticed a little structure helps me tremendously.)

#2: I have a really, really bad habit of not being fully invested in books.
Sure, there are exceptions, but if a book starts taking me too long to read, I tend to get distracted. There's always another book that's looking at me, wanting me to read it instead and I can't help the voice that's telling me I'll probably like it more.

#3: I'll be super excited for a new book, rush out to buy it ASAIR (as soon as it's released) and leave it sitting on my shelf for months.
I have no excuse for this. Besides the fact that it depresses me to see a book I wanted desperately sit around gathering dust, I'm not made of money. Books are usually five to ten dollars cheaper if you wait until they've been out for awhile I've learnt.

#4: I never know what to buy.
What am I going to be in the mood for? Sure, this book sounds great right now - but what about next week? Or next month? This is especially bad when I get on a genre kick and want to read pretty much only one type of book.

#5: It helps me diversify what I read.
Being a mood reader has sent me to some unusual places. Sure, I have favorite genres, but there's little I won't read if the mood strikes me.

#6: Sometimes I discover the perfect book.
Occasionally all the dithering and outright pain pays off when I settle into a book that is exactly what I wanted. There's no issue of wandering eyes or mind. The book fits my mood perfectly and that makes it the perfect book.

Are you a mood reader? Give me your thoughts on this.