Thursday, February 4, 2016

February Reading Goals

I've been learning something these past few months: I'm unable to force myself to read a book if I'm not feeling it. (And no, I don't just mean the DNF's. I mean the books that I know I'd love if I read them at a different time.)

This may seem obvious (or you may have no clue what I'm on about) but this all stems from being a mood reader - a phenomenon that seems to be getting worse each month. (And that I talk about tomorrow.) This can make deciding what I want to read difficult - but it can also make using my TBR jar impossible.

For about three months (now that I think about it, around the time my genre burnout - which I think I'm finally over - started) my TBR jar has been left sitting defunct.

I still love writing down the book titles on little slips of paper and keeping track of what I've been reading this month by clipping the strips together, but lately I've been unable to just read whatever I draw.

So, much like my decision last month to mix things up a little for my TBR, I've decided to do the same again - only this time with my reading goals for the month!

#1 Read at least 12 books
#2 For a total of at least 4000 pages
#3 Finish/catch up on at least 1 series (I've currently got 3 that I can)
#4 Read at least 1 book that I've physically had for over a year

And there we go. I'm pretty much unstructured this month, which is both exciting and scary. I think next month that I'm going to try to return to using the TBR jar strictly and see how that works out.