Friday, February 12, 2016

Rip It Or Ship It - Valentine's Day Edition

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Discussion topic this pre-pre-valentine's day, to offer you frivolousness.

I'd almost forgotten about this. I originally found it over at The Regal Critiques - like over six months ago - and couldn't remember what it was called. Then I found it over at Josie's Book Corner and promptly decided I was doing this for Valentine's Day.

Basically, the idea is that you write down an even number of character names from different book on scraps of paper. Then you shuffle them around (like in a hat or something) and draw out two names and decide whether you want to rip or ship it. *rub hands together* This is going to be fun.

Crash from Sora's Quest and Brad from V is for Villain
Wow, okay. Starting off with an interesting one. Crash is serious and athletic and very used to being in charge. (He's also an assassin.) Brad is kind of less serious, very intelligent and sneaky and so used to being in charge. (He's also a supervillain in training.) I think they'd annoy each other on first meeting, prompting them to each try to kill the other - turning into grudging respect when it didn't succeed. I think it would be a lot of fun to see. Ship it.

Karou from Daughter of Smoke & Bone and Katsa from Graceling
*Whistles* I got stubborn people. I don't know... I mean, they're both tough, kickbutt girls that have a lot to overcome. I think they'd understand where the other is coming from and the struggles that they face. I'm just not sure because there's such a thing as being too similar. I think they could help ground each other. Ship it.

Neville from Harry Potter series and Fian from Earth Girl
Nope. There's absolutely nothing about these two that makes me think they'd be a good pair. Fian likes the idea of a hot girl throwing him across the room (actually the jungle clearing) and I think Neville is way too quiet for him. They'd stare at each other all the time, wallowing in the uncomfortable silence. Sorry, these guys are both sweethearts, but: Rip it.

Emily from Steampunk Chronicles and Alina from Shadow & Bone
LOL What is it with these strange pairings? Honestly, I don't see this working at all. To me, these girls are way too different and I don't even see them being friends. Rip it.

Magnus from Falling Kingdoms series and Bon from Galahad series
I don't even know what to think about this - much less say. They're both very stubborn, that's for sure. You know, in an odd way, I see this totally working. They both have problems with their respective fathers. They would understand that you don't need to act bubbly and happy all the time. I think they'd be good for each other, someone to lean on and gather strength from. (If they'd quit being so stubborn and admit they need it.) Also, I think Bon could help Magnus to quit caring quite so much what other people think. Ship it!

James from All Our Yesterdays and Penelope from A Breath of Frost
No! No, no, no, no. There are some people that I think could handle James and his - how do I say this without spoilers? - mental issues. Penelope is not one of them. She's a party girl. She likes dancing and flirting and being around people. She's everything that I can see James hating. Rip it!

Stellan from The Conspiracy of Us and Gabby from The Dispossessed series
Oh, this would be fun. Two stubborn, determined people. In a way I like the idea because this is finally a girl that Stellan couldn't walk all over - but I also hate it because he'd try to keep Gabby safe and not let her out to fight. Something that would quickly drive her to sneaking out on her own. Rip it.

Aurora from A Wicked Thing and Sophronia from Finishing School series
I don't know. Uh...okay, Aurora's kind of - but not really - meek. She's definitely the sort to think things out. Sophronia is much the same, though a little more loud about it. They both gather all the information they can before making decisions. I can kind of see it working. But, it wouldn't be exactly 'consumed by passion' and I think Aurora would have things to say about Sophronia's choice of job. (She's a spy.) Ship it. I think.

Well, this was interesting. My conclusion is that I'm very difficult to please, even when I choose the people in the couples. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Think I've totally got it all wrong? I'd love to know!

Ship of Hearts from here.
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