Friday, July 8, 2016

On Book Buying Bans

As some of you probably already know, about ten months ago, I started my first ever book buying ban.

I never really thought I'd have to do one, but my book buying had just gotten out of control, I was buying more books than I was reading and I was running out of room for my TBR.

I knew something had to change, so I gave it a little thought and started my very first ban.

Now I've cut my TBR by over half and am down to the very respectable number of forty books - including the ones on my kindle. In fact, my stats look like this:

Buying ban information to date...
I can buy/get free 1 book for every 5 I read.
Series continuations are free.

Physical books read: 64
E-books read: 51

Physical books bought: 10
E-books bought: 18

Total books read: 115
Total books bought: 28

All told, I consider this a great success. Even though I am officially ending my ban as of this month, I do hope I won't go completely crazy with buying again. Hopefully I will never buy more books in a month than I read last month. (That's the 'rule' I'm going to be trying to use.)

So, I was wondering, have you ever went on a buying ban?

I'd love to know what kind and if it worked for you or not. Also, if you haven't, why haven't you needed/wanted to.

Personally, I found this mostly helpful, but I also had a bit of trouble because I'm one of those people that if you tell me not to do something, I'll do it. That made this a slight struggle some months. But, I would definitely do it again if my TBR gets out of control again.