Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top Ten Bookish Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

This was a very ... interesting topic for me because I really am not good at talking about myself. I'm a rather boring person - not exciting at all - so there's not much really to say, I never know when to stop and what is TMI and I just don't really like doing it.

However... Through the month of June (and most of April and May, too) I was really horrible at interacting with other blogs and even my own readers. I feel terrible about this, so I am viewing this post as the perfect time to change and start becoming more active on the web. (Or, you could also say this is punishment for my sucky interaction, but let's not call it that, m'kay?)

Bookish Fact #1
If I read in a quiet room, I tend to get distracted. I'm not really fond of people talking around me when I read, either. Perfect for me is a little white noise. It's also not uncommon for me to read while listening to music or watching TV. (Though when I do, I usually wind up pying more attention to the book and none to the music or TV.)

Bookish Fact #2
I cannot even remember the last time I borrowed a book from the library. Before the library moved, nearing twenty years ago, I used to go at least once a week with my mom. Then it moved to the other end of town, on a backroad, and around the same time, mom started working full time. I've never liked change and I think I've been inside the new library twice. I feel guilty about this, but I never have the time to go now.

Bookish Fact #3
I have two separate stacks of bookmarks. One sits on my bookcase behind my chair and whenever I start a book, I always grab one to use. The other contains the ones I never use, that I like too much to risk damaging or losing, that I've had for many, many years and that are more 'collectables' than actual 'reading tools'.

Bookish Fact #4
I somewhat regret waiting until last year to buy my first e-reader (a kindle). I was determined that I would go old school all the time, keep reading paper and NEVER read e-books. While e-books will never replace paper ones for me, I really like having a kindle for those books that I either cannot get in paper, or that are reissues for books that are crazy expensive in paper. By this point, I think my kindle has more than paid for itself in saved money and enjoyment.

Bookish Fact #5
I fail at reading diverse books. I love the idea, and I try whenever I get the chance - but most of the diversity is in 'realistic contemporary fiction' which is a major 'not interested' for me. I don't want to read stories about characters coming to terms with their sexuality, culture or disability; I want to read stories about a woman that saves the world from aliens - oh, and she just happens to be a wheelchair-bound Latina that's bisexual. (Okay, might be a little overkill if it's all in the same book, but someone needs to write that. Now.) I know we NEED books that deal with real issues and coming to terms with who you are and loving yourself because of your differences - but we also NEED books about diverse people doing normal things and not just being diverse.

Bookish Fact #6
I'm a very settled reader. I know what genres I like. I know what books have a decent chance with me. I know what are immediate turn-offs for me. Because of this, I tend to not stretch into other genres much. I also have a habit of getting into a reading rut where I only want to read two or three different genres. I both like this about myself - I am after all, already halfway to liking the book - and dislike it - because I might never find that odd little book that's outside my comfort zone but is perfect for me.

Bookish Fact #7
As I get older, I seem to get more easily put-out with what I read. I've always been rather opinionated, but it used to be that I would always finish a book. Now I have a long (mental) list of things that will cause me to pull the plug no questions asked. (And an even longer list that, if it adds up over time, will cause me to drop the book.)

Bookish Fact #8
Sometimes I have a really, really short attention span. Sometimes I can happily read a book for hours and never think of setting it down but other times I read a few pages and I'm looking for something else todo. Sadly, this isn't always related to how much I'm enjoying the book. Sometimes, sure, but other times, I'm really enjoying the book, but it's like there's too many other things I want to be doing too.

Bookish Fact #9
I don't recommend trying to read while playing a video game. That's all I have to say on the subject.

Bookish Fact #10
I would love to be a published writer one day. Even self published. I'd love to write a story - ie. actually finish one - and polish it until I'm as happy with it as I could ever be and send it out into the world. Reading all these great books from such talented authors makes me want to do that more than ever before.

Somewhere along the line, I think these turned into 'bookish confessions' but I don't mind. :)