Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 -- bookish, blogging or otherwise!

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015 -- bookish, blogging or otherwise!

This was almost easy to start with, but the more I wrote the less I thought of. Instead of ten, I only have nine and the ninth is more of a joke than anything. (Though I would really like to.)

Read Better Books: Specifically so I finish every book I start and have no DNF's. That would be great. (Of course, if they average out with higher ratings, that would be even better.)

Don't Buy As Many Books: Mainly when I still have six or eight books sitting on my shelf that I haven't even cracked yet, refrain from buying any more.

Keep Up With This Blog: This is a big one for me. I've tried twice this year, but failed after a couple of months. For 2015, I want to actually keep up with what I'm posting and...well, just make this work how it's supposed to for me.

Be More Social: While this could totally work IRL, too, I'm talking about with the book blogging community. I originally started this blog so I could talk to people that love reading as much as I do. Somewhere along the line though, I quit socializing. I'd just post my stuff and maybe comment a little, but nothing to build up any friendships. Nothing to even build conversations. So, yeah, have to change that.

Get Another Bookshelf: I'm running out of room - especially for those over-sized hardbacks that are crazy big. I'm going to have to hire my brother to build me another shelf.

Finish A Few Series Before Starting New Ones: Yeah, okay, the likely hood of that actually happening is somewhat slim, but it's a nice thought and it would help to clear out that 'to-read' shelf I've got at Goodreads.

Speaking of...

Make A Real Dent In My To-Read Shelf: Whether that means actually reading the books that have been on there since I joined Goodreads or just clearing them out. (I can hope for the former.)

Read More Different Books: I need to expand my horizons. I am such a genre reader (fantasy, mostly) that I tend to never touch the more literary or non-fictional stuff. I'd like to make an effort to read different things.

Lose Weight: Who hasn't had this as a resolution at least once in their life? Every year I say this, even if it is just to myself, but every year I don't follow through. Maybe this year I should try doing cardio by rearranging my books? Or bench press them all?

Alright, there we go. The third and fourth ones are the ones I really want to do, but any and all of them happening would be great. What are your resolutions?