Friday, February 20, 2015

Bookish Findings - February

After much thought how I could tie this feature into the romance of Valentine's Day, I decided to feature furnishings straight out of fairytales. After all, with all the gore and violence in the original Brother's Grimm stories, what could be more romantic? (Just kidding, but I mean, really.) Anyways, I chose to feature just one fairy tale (my favorite!) this month - instead of doing a bunch and none of them getting enough attention. So, I'm willing to do more of these - so much fun - but I'll need people to let me know what fairy tale they'd like featured.

Beauty and the Beast

I kind of love some of those. Anyway, I'm not taking credit for any of these. I'm simply not that creative. All credit where credit is due, some are DIY projects, others are Disney products. So, what do you guys think? Personally I love this clock armoire. And the stained glass is gorgeous.

I've got plenty of ideas left, but if you drop me a note for something you'd like to see - or a fairy tale you'd like me to cover - I'll get on it.

Thanks for stopping by.