Monday, February 2, 2015

The Month of February

Welcome all, to a monthly look-ahead post. I'm trying something different this month: instead of just a dry schedule, I'll give you a bit of a color look into this month.

Look Back
Well, I covered a lot of new stuff last month. I started several new features and finally managed something I'd been wanting to do for months. I updated my blog. Not a lot has changed - at least function wise. The appearance has changed greatly and I really love the way it looks now.

Special Features
This month I'll be featuring another favorite series of mine in Series Spotlight on friday the 6th.
Then the very next friday will see another addition of Page to Screen - and it will be heavy on the vampires.
On the 20th, I'll be doing a fun feature for Bookish Findings about my favorite fairytale.
And, finally, in celebration of valentines month, we'll take a look at Cupid for Creature Corner

I'm also introducing two new features this month.
The first, posted during the first week, will be Monthly Releases where I take a look at the new releases I'm excited for.
The second, the last thursday of the month, will be Manga Monthly, where I review (or just talk) about a manga I've read.

Top Ten Tuesdays
For the only meme I'm moderately faithful with, february will have us taking a look at Fantasy Books I Haven't Read, Things I Like/Dislike in Romance Books, Book Related Problems That I Have, and Favorite Heroines.

Reviews (New Every Wednesday)
Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula
Death Sworn
Deep End of the Sea

Monday the 9th will be my Valentine's Day post, where I talk about my about my Favorite Book Couples.
I'm also planning on doing one of those What's Next meme on the first thursday of the month - as I desperately need help choosing a book to read.

I've got three days this month with nothing planned out, so we will see what, exactly, comes of those free days. Stay tuned and find out!