Friday, March 11, 2016

My Thoughts On My Kindle

So, I've had a kindle about a year now and I keep thinking I'm going to write this in depth comparison between ereaders, physical books and audio books - but that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon. Instead you get me taking a look at what I like and dislike about using a kindle.

The selection it offers.
Say I'm out somewhere and I finish the book I'm reading. If it was a kindle book, I don't have to wait until I get home to start the next one. It's like a virtual library at my fingertips and this is one of my favorite things about owning an ereader.

The price of ebooks.
Usually, ebooks are comparable in price to physical copies. However, sometimes the ebook is at least a quarter of the price, and sometimes a seventh or a tenth. I love getting bargains and I think this is why I had so many ebooks for such a long time. (And, sometimes, the book is free! Free books! Got to love it.)

Quote-y quotations. (Actually, reviews…)
I've noticed that when I'm writing reviews I usually have the most quotes from either the books that I loved and want everyone to read - or the books I read on my kindle. For me it's just so easy to bookmark the page that has the quote on it then come back later and type the quote out into Microsoft Works. Physical books are a huge pain for me to actually get quotes from, because often I'm not even reading some place that I can grab a post-it to stick between the pages.

Time left in ________.
I have actually become quite addicted to the 'time left in book/chapter' feature as well as the 'average time to read'. Sure, I can get a pretty good idea just looking at a book how long it'll take me to read - but what if it's more simplistic or denser than I'm expecting. I love how I get a quick overview on my kindle of how long it takes other people to read and - most of the time - how long it's predicted it'll take me to read.

Reading flat.
There are so many ways that a kindle makes reading easier. Like reading in bed. Or while I blow-dry my hair. Or while I'm cooking. (This is not a good idea. I don't recommend it.) Or while I'm brushing my teeth. It's so great the way you don't have to hold the book open or down. (Which is often impossible to do unless you have a hardback with a weak spine.)

Not all is fun and games though. Even my kindle does things I don't like.

Nitpicky touch screen.
Sometimes when I'm reading, it takes too long to flip the page. It's like it's processing this ala: do I really want to do this? Also, I've had to tap twice to turn the page because it didn't take it the first time. Or, when I go to open the book menu without opening the book, it doesn't seem to want me to. Conversely, I have actually had the page flip just by being brushed with a Kleenex. Or it readjusts the font size when I was trying to turn the page. Or I don't even touch the screen and it thinks I did.

Length of time to start/shutdown.
It might not seem like much, and it may just seem like I'm getting complain-y, but it is so much quicker opening and closing a book than starting and shutting down a kindle. I hate that I have to hold the power button so long to bring up the shutdown screen. Sometimes I'm in a hurry and it just takes longer than I want it to.

Battery dieing when you have 10% left.
I've never actually had this happen to me, because I am an obsessive kindle charger. It's like as soon as I see that battery get below 50% I'm stressing out about it dieing and I have to charge it right now! Or, just, not read…

Dirty screen.
I can hear it now 'so, Amy, why do you eat while reading?' LOL Anyway, though, it seems that my kindle screen is never clean. Between having to touch it to turn the pages and all the dust and lint it picks up - and the other oddities - sometimes I look at it and wonder how it got so dirty. Personally, I'd love it if they had arrow buttons below the screen like some of the earlier versions did.

Over all, I like having a kindle. My problems are definitely not the deal breaker sorts, but they are things I'd love to see ironed out in later releases. (Like sometime before I break my kindle and have to buy a new one.)

How about you? Do you face any of these same issues or have any of these benefits? Do you even have an ereader? (Probably. I feel like I was the last person to buy one!) Anything you want to add that I totally forgot about?