Monday, March 7, 2016

Wishlist For The Harry Potter Series

As far as I'm concerned, the series ends with book seven - not book eight. I view it as a kind of standalone in the world because it takes place so long after the events of the first seven books. And because it was originally a play script, not a book.

That being said, I have finally finished the series and I have thoughts to share. Later this week, I have a huge post where I talk about my feelings for the whole series. (Though if you want me to talk nice about it, don't read that post, because it's a rather unhappy one.)

Today though, I decided to talk about the things that I wish had been in the series. Or that we'd eventually get. Most of these thoughts aren't too nit-picky. ;)

#1 I wish Deathly Hallows had been told from someone else's perspective.
Anyone else's. Neville and Luna, especially.
It seems that in this book, Harry was even further away from the action than he was in Order of the Phoenix and I think following someone else (quite nearly anyone else) would have made the book a lot more interesting, I think.

#2 I wish the books had a 'spell glossary' that told us what each spell actually does.
Seriously, that would have been awesome. Can't remember what a spell does? Just flip to the glossary and follow along with the magic battles. (I think there's something like this on the net, but I want it in the books!)

#3 I wish the epilogue actually told us more about what everyone was doing.
I love those series that end with a quick look into each character's life. It doesn't have to be a lot, just a quick mention like Percy and Neville got would have been enough to make me happy. (And, we know hardly anything about the main characters lives now, except who they married. It would have been nice to know a little more about them, too.)

#4 I wish we'd get some 'companion' books.
I'd give just about anything for a Malfoy story - not necessarily just Draco, because I'd love to know more about his parents and/or his son - and a story about Regulus Black. Either one would make me so happy. I would also love to read a story/series about Tom Riddle before he became Voldemort/while he was becoming Voldemort.

#5 I wish Albus Severus Potter would wind up in Slytherin.
This is the HUGE reason I'm half interested in read The Cursed Child, because I would be so thrilled and excited if the son of the great hero Harry Potter would actually be sorted into the house that seems to have been synonymous with 'evil' in this world.

What are your wishes for the books? Anything you'd like to add or do you agree/disagree with me?