Friday, December 9, 2016

2017 Pages of Starlight Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge

(The Umbrella Genre for Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Steampunk. So's Horror, but let's just ignore that, shall we? Even if not overtly stated, each book should fit into those genres.) I searched high and low for a 2017 challenge that I could do - because I want to be challenged, but not pushed so far outside my genres that I would probably dislike whatever I read - and found nothing. So, I created my own. You are more than welcome to join in if you want! Just copy and past the topics onto a blog post - or however you participate in challenges - and make sure to leave me a link so I can visit.

#1 A Fairytale Retelling
#2 A Historical Fantasy
#3 A Book From NPR's Top 100 SF/F List
#4 A Non-British Steampunk
#5 Crossed With Another Genre (like a sci-fi mystery)
#6 A Manga
#7 A Comic Book
#8 An Urban Fantasy
#9 A Classic
#10 About Superheroes
#12 A Western (Space Western or Cattle Punk)
#13 An Earth-Based Sci-Fi
#14 A Sci-Fi With Aliens
#15 Based Around a Non-White Culture
#16 With a Main Character of Color
#17 With a LGBTQIA Main Character
#18 With an Aro or Ace Character
#19Written By a POC Author
#20 Has a M/M Romance
#21 Has a  F/F Romance
#22 Published Last Year
#23 Published Before 2000
#24 A Novella

I plan to update in January with a few of the books I plan on reading to fit these topics. If you decide to join up, I'd love to know, so just leave me a link!