Thursday, December 1, 2016

November Wrap-Up

So, I actually have things to say for this month - not just more of the same ol' same ol'. First, I cut my hair! (Yup, I cut it, I didn't have someone else do it.) For about two years now I'd been letting my hair grow out with only an occasional trim. Finally, I just got sick of it being so long and whacked it all off. Short. You can see my ears now. And I love it! I always say when I get my hair cut short after having it long that I'm never going to have long hair again and, guess what, I'm never going to let my hair get that long again.

I do also want to make a quick remark about the US presidential election - even though I still feel like I could write a whole post on that, I'll try to keep it short. I know a lot of my readers are not from the US and that some that are might not know this. The president is not elected by the citizens that go out election day and vote. Nope, the president is instead elected by what is called the Electoral College - which is mostly comprised of State Representatives and Senators. That is where Trump won the vote. The people, the average US citizen that goes out and votes, voted for Clinton. (By what I would not consider a narrow margin.) (And I you don't want to hear a sore winner, don't even think of searching out what Trump had to say about losing the popular vote.)

I don't think I need to tell you how sick it makes me that Trump won the election - but the fact that the people DIDN'T vote him into office gives me more hope than I can even say.
Also, on a much more chipper note, I've now went through my second Thanksgiving where I was gluten and dairy free. Honestly, I'm not sure if it seems like it's been longer or shorter. But, I have to admit, it's been a lot easier than I ever thought it would be. Sure, I don't get to go to fast food places anymore - but it's healthier this way anyhow!

What I've Been Reading...

Villains by Necessity by Eve Forward - ***** - Review
The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells - ***** - Why You Should Read It
Warrior by Zoe Archer - **** - Review to Come!

Earth 2788 by Janet Edwards - *****
Thorn by Intisar Khanani - **** - Review to Come!
Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan - ***** - Why You Should Read It to Come!

What I've Been Watching...

Mostly, this month has been a bit of this and that. They finally released Martial Law on DVD and I watched season 1 of it. It's really so weird to think this show is about 20 years old because it had more racial and ethnic diversity than most shows nowadays. I'm not saying it was the best representation, or anything, but you hardly even see that kind of diversity even now.

I also watched season 2 of The Flash and I absolutely love that show. For me, season 2 was even better than season 1 and I am so looking forward to season 3. (No spoilers, please, I don't get to watch it as it's aired!)

Watched X-Men Apocalypse and it's definitely one of my favorites from the X-Men world.

I rewatched Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan season 2 (subtitled as Demon Capital) and I wonder if it's possible for me to like the show any more the second time around than I did the first. Because if it is, I did.