Thursday, January 9, 2014

I read. I write. I exist.

My first memories of books are when my mom used to read me the Babysitters Club books. When I got older and started reading books on my own, my sister turned me onto the Nancy Drew mysteries. However, my love affair with reading didn't truly begin until I found a slender paperback in my local library. It was trimmed in an olive green, the cover illustrated a man wearing a checked cape and a deerstalker hat.

Even then I had heard of Sherlock Holmes and I borrowed the book immediately. One of the stories contained  therein - The Musgrave Ritual - is still one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes stories. I believe that is where my love of books and reading first came from. (Also gave me my first ever literary crush.)

My name's Amy and I still love reading as much today as I did then, even though my tastes have flowed away from mystery and on to fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk. Books that create their own worlds and invite you, for the length of the story, to join them, that is where my heart lies. I cannot imagine a work without stories like that. I cannot imagine how bleak of a place it would truly be. I seldom read contemporary stories and when I do, even less often do I like them.

Want a little more information about me?

I like limeades and waterfalls, the color steel blue and laughing too loud. I feel I was born a hundred years too late and - quite possibly - in the wrong reality. Or, perhaps, I was born three hundred years too early.

I have the habit of living inside my head. I like to imagine my own music videos for stories I write when I listen to certain songs. I like to cook and I've always thought of it as a type of alchemy.

When I'm not immersed in the written word I can usually be found playing computer games or watching TV. My favorite shows include Babylon 5, Once Upon a Time, Warehouse 13 and Eureka.