Thursday, July 16, 2015

Reading Challenge Update

So, I checked my email on Tuesday and found another update from Goodreads, telling me that we're halfway through the year and showing me my reading progress. I thought it would be fun to put together another post like I did at the quarter mark. Only this time I was energetic and did graphs. (And now that I've found an easy website to use, expect more graphs!)
First, some good hard numbers.

I've read 57 books this year totaling 18,801 pages. That averages out to 330 pages per book. The longest book I've read this year is: The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson at 796 pages. I've also listened to 2 audiobooks this year - which is something very new for me and they were both a lot of fun.

Star Ratings of Books from Jan-July 2015

I'm actually very surprised and quite pleased at how this turned out. I don't know if I didn't realize it or what, because it felt like I was reading a bunch of not very good books. However that might be because I've been doing something these last two months that I never do. I've been stopping the book. If I don't like it and can't imagine it improving enough to make me like it, I just stop reading it and mark it as DNF.

What this breaks down to is:
1 Star - 3
2 Star - 9
3 Star - 11
4 Star - 17
5 Star - 18

This is the kind of lopsidedness I like to see.

Genre of Books from Jan-July 2015

And here you can see what genre's I read the most of. I think what I'm most surprised about here is that I've read so many sci-fi books. I guess all that struggling and saying that I want to read more sci-fi has paid off.

This breaks down thusly:
Fantasy - 24 Books - 41%
Science Fiction - 10 Books - 17%
Romance - 7 Books - 12%
Urban Fantasy - 3 Books - 5%
Contemporary - 2 Books - 3%
Historical - 9 Books - 15%
Mystery - 3 books - 5%
(With an extra percent for rounding down.)

So, am I surprised that 41% of all my reading this year was fantasy? Nope. Not at all. Surprised with the sci-fi though - and even a bit with the romance. But not at all with the fantasy.

How's you're reading been going this year? I'd love to hear that and you're thoughts on this, too. And if you're looking for a really awesome, easy site for making pie graphs and other charts, I made mine at MetaChart.