Friday, July 17, 2015

Scheduling Posts

I love being able to schedule posts. I go through fits and starts of writing up posts. Sometimes I won't do any for two weeks, then I type up three in one day. So, this handy little feature is awesome for me.

There's a problem though.

Sometimes, by the time the post goes live, it's irrelevant or just plain wrong.

For example, right now as I'm typing this, it is June 16th (hello from the past!) but I scheduled it to go live today, July 17th.

For this post it doesn't much matter - and is talking about the pitfalls of scheduling posts anyway - but other posts become outdated. Like some of the Top Ten Tuesday posts. I always have to be careful with the topics like 'summer tbr' lists because if I read a book between the time I schedule that and when the post goes live, I have to edit it. (Like I just had to do with a TTT post.)

Or, my tag from yesterday. Rather, the tag I was supposed to do yesterday. I didn't, so that means I had to update this post to acknowledge that difference.

Why do I do this? Because I hate seeing posts that I know I want to do that I haven't written up yet. Because I'm worried that I'll take one of my extended procrastination/lazy 'vacations' and if I don't schedule them early they won't ever get done.

Do you schedule posts? Please tell me why or why not.