Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rereading The Lunar Chronicles: Month One: Cinder

I'm sure all of you know by now that Winter (the fourth and final book in the series) comes out this November. I have got big plans for the week (possibly even weeks) leading up to that release date. (More on that when it gets closer, but I'll be posting posting special topics and such.)

However, looking at Cress, I realized something important. It's been almost a year since I read Cress (and I had a cold then so my brain was fuzzy) - Cinder will almost have been two years before Winter get's released. It's not a secret, I've read a lot of books since then. I don't remember much from any of these three books. Just that I like each one more than the last.

So I've decided to do something I never do: reread the series in preparation for the next book. Just the main books though. I don't think Fairest will improve for me upon rereading (like I kind of think Cinder might) and I haven't read any of the short stories. (Click here to find out why I'm holding off reading those.)

For the next three months, starting with Cinder in August, I'll be reading one of the main The Lunar Chronicles books a month leading up to the November release of Winter. I plan on doing a little post each month where I let you know what I thought about the book this time and if my feelings have changed. I'd like to call it a re-read review, but I doubt it will be that in depth. Especially considering that I actually reviewed all three of them the first time I read the books. I also have plans to do a couple (two or three) special posts each month where I talk about things from the books or what they were inspired by. (I've already got ideas, but I don't want to say what they are in case plans fall through.)

Is anyone else going to be rereading these books? Or do you not reread books? (Or, at least, do you not reread for the sequel? I usually don't, but this time I think I better otherwise I might not have a clue what's going one.) Or have you reread them already? Or have you read them so recently that you don't need to?

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