Friday, August 28, 2015

Cinder Talk (#TLCReadAlong Update) - Spoilers for Cinder by Marissa Meyer

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To be on the safe side, assume that there will be spoilers for the book here. If you want to read my review of Cinder - spoiler free! - for the first time I read the book, click here.

I can say I was a bit too hard on the book the first time around. Because I definitely was. However, it wasn't entirely my fault considering all the hype surrounding this book and how it's still going to be my least favorite in the series. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever like this book as much as everyone else does. Impossible expectations? Possibly. A book that just doesn't work for me? Definitely.

Why doesn't the book work for me? Mostly, because of Cinder. Yeah, I like her more this time around than I did originally, but she's still not really my type of character. There's just something off about her personality for me. I don't really know what it is.

The first time I thought she hated herself too much and now I wonder what I read to get that. Now I think she's just too weak and go-with-the-flow and wonder if I'll still think that when I eventually reread the book again. I do recall her improving for me in Scarlet and Cress, so it'll be interesting to see if that holds true. And, for me, the book rest too securely on Cinder's shoulders. This would probably make me unhappy even if I liked her a lot.

I do, however, totally adore the fact that she's such a cyborg. You're never allowed to forget it. From the processor in her head to the mechanical arm and leg. Then there's her ability to count the seconds and have a precise number and that annoying light that tells her when someone is lying. And how her processor shuts down if she stars over heating, which means she is literally unable to blush. All these are things that I love - and the fact that you're never allowed to forget the fact that she is a cyborg.

On other notes…

I think I was wrong about the look at New Beijing. Maybe it's because I know the setting now, but I really saw the world coming alive. I could see the market and the palace. I could smell the food and hear the bustling people. I think this was great, totally can't understand how I missed it the first time.

I do love the setting, too. Futuristic Beijing is awesome! It's an East-meets-West fusion with future tech. Definitely love this. I also love how the fairytale retelling is there and provides the obvious backbone, but there is oh so much more to the story than just that.

I have issues with the romance. Still. Yet. I like Kai, I do. I don't hate Cinder, I never have. I even usually like her. But their romance is…borderline non-existent to me. Sure, Cinder is going to like the handsome, charming prince. Sure, Kai is going to like the quirky, amusing mechanic. I'm totally okay with that. But…And the good thing about this is that love was never mentioned. But they have fallen too fast. They don't know anything about each other. Their conversations don't last more than ten minutes.

I'm just still not sold on their romance. This isn't because of the characters. Nor is it because they don't have chemistry - because they totally do! This is because they don't get to spend enough time together. Which, I'll admit, is a complaint I've made before about romances in books.

Finally, and this is something I know I didn't appreciate the first time around and I think most people probably didn't, I love the early hints and plot threads that are dropped. I totally can't mention them, because of spoilers for the next books, but I love the way little things find their way in and give you hints of what - and who - is to come.

All said, I'm glad I reread the book and am totally looking forward to…

Reading Scarlet next month.

I remember how much I really enjoyed reading this book and I'm excited to reconnect with Scarlet and Wolf. And getting the introduction of Thorne! (Who I sure seem to recalls as being my favorite of the guys.)

I have a few ideas rolling around for posts, but the way my month has been going, I'm totally going to have to scramble to get them done. Oh, well - I think one of them anyway will be completely worth the extra effort that it'll take. Curious? I'll give you a hint: it's food. (That's it. Said too much already, but I'm very excited.)

If you reread Cinder, did your feelings on the book/characters change? If this was your first time, tell me what you thought of it. I'd love to know!