Friday, August 21, 2015

The Dreaded Book Hangovers

I was going to say: I don't get them. But then I started thinking about it. That's not the truth, although they are very, very uncommon. In my entire life - at least, that I remember - I've gotten two book hangovers. Two. That's like…I've got over seven hundred books marked as read on Goodreads and there's probably twice that many that I've forgotten.


The first one was Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. I'm making a huge jump of logic here and saying that anyone who's read that book understands why. (I'm also not a crier and this book had tears rolling down my face. Thankfully I'm not a blubberer at all. Otherwise…) 

The other book that gave me a hangover was the one I reviewed last week, Valor's Choice by Tanya Huff. That book is one of the most amazing books I've ever read. It sneaks up on you, it's all silly and light until you're left with war and destruction and death and everyone being all heroic.

I used to think it was me - that I didn't get it because I don't drink alcohol so I've never had that kind of hangover either. Or maybe it was because I gravitate more towards light books and they don't exactly give a huge emotional payoff. (When they do though, look out. There's not much more amazing than that.)

But now I have experienced this - I might have been happier if I hadn't.

Book hangovers leave me feeling restless. I want to start another book, but I can't. The book was my life for however long I was reading it and the 'real world' just doesn't seem as vibrant.

I need to stay in this world just a little longer but…it's time to leave.

I recover, eventually, but then I'm off on the hunt for another book that leaves me with the unexpected emotional connection and physical gutting.

Share with me your experience with book hangovers! I'd love to hear how you cope or if you never get them. Feel free to name the liquor book that caused the hangover too, I'm always curious.

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