Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Rating System: Explained

I decided that it was long past time that I updated my rating explanations. Besides the fact that I have new stars, since I've been blogging I pay a lot more attention to ratings and why I rated a book the way I did. I will admit that my rating tends to change drastically, sometimes after a week or two has passed other times it takes months and sometimes a re-read. Sometimes my opinion on it goes up, other times it goes down. When I rate my books, this is simply my thoughts at the time. I might want to change the rating two weeks later, but I don't. Usually.

Five Stars: This is the highest rating a book can get from me. This means I loved it. These are the books that show up on every list I make and that I never seem to shut up about.

Four Stars: This was a solidly likable book for me. While it didn't completely blow me away, I did enjoy it a lot. No glaring problems, though probably some minor ones.

Three Stars: A very average book. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. This is something of a catch-all rating for me in that if I'm neither impressed nor disgusted with the book, this is where it lives.

Two Stars: A flawed book for me - probably flaws that are difficult to ignore. I didn't hate the book but I didn't really like it either. There's probably a few redeeming qualities to the book, but not many.

One Star: The books I wish I hadn't read. Just a generally bad book and there were probably a lot of flaws that I could not over look. It's only getting reviewed because I feel the need to vent and warn.

I can't say I'm unbiased. I have favorite authors and genres and preconceived ideas on everything I read. However, I never lie about a book. I'm completely honest, for good or bad, and I will explain as best I can why I feel the way I do. I like fun books and think that my prefered reading generally reflects that.

Well, hope that answered any questions you have - but, if not, let me know.