Thursday, April 16, 2015

April TBR Jar

So, this was postponed two weeks due to me participating in Fairy Tale Fortnight. (Which was totally awesome! Just so much fun.) Alright, the first book was left over from March, the rest of them were drawn March 28th for April reading. I edited my thoughts on March 30th. I decided to grab three more books for my reading this month.

In my last drawing for March, which netted me three books, I drew this green (fantasy) slip of paper: The Lies of Locke Lamora.

As soon as I drew this book, I knew I wanted to read it after Fairy Tale Fortnight. I wanted something completely different than what I had been reading and this fit the bill perfectly. (And, no, I'm not going to tell you how much I've read.)

Blue (historical) gave me: The Clockwork Scarab.

When I saw the blue paper, I was excited. Reading which book was on there I when 'woohoo'. (Under my breath, at least, though no one could have heard it over Linkin' Park.) No, it's not Prudence, but I'm really, really excited about getting to read this book!

(Next I actually drew a yellow (sci-fi) book and was excited. Then I found out that it was Fairest… Uh, yeah, read that for the Fortnight.)

Green (fantasy) was next, giving me: The Wizard Hunters by Martha Well.

I actually had to stare at that paper for a moment to remember what the book was. (Then I had to figure out where it was at.) I think my brain quit working at the word 'wizard'. Anyway, I'm not super excited, but I am looking forward to it.

A rather beat up red (contemporary) paper was next, giving me: The Vindico.

While it wasn't the contemporary book I was hoping for (Vicious) I am happy to get this book. About time luck of the draw gives me a superhero book! (Or, rather, supervillain?)

You ought to see the stack of books next to my computer right now. I drew these books March 28th and I've got nine books right next to my computer. Eight for April (three for Fairy Tale Fortnight and these five others) plus the one I still hadn't finished for March (Fire by Kristin Cashore).

All in all, I'm mostly liking my TBR jar. The only problem I've got is that there are certain books I'm more interested in, and those just aren't coming up. (That and I've got four books plus two short stories/novellas that I'll read together by the same author and I keep hoping one of them will show up. Knowing the way my luck usually works, I'll get them all in the same month!)