Monday, April 20, 2015

Quarter Through the Year, my Goodreads Challenge Says

So, I earlier this month I got a e-mail from Goodreads, updating my on my reading challenge. I thought I'd share these numbers with you.

I've read 28 of my projected 85 books (that's 33% complete) which means I'm ahead of schedule.

I have read 8,804 pages for an average of 314 pages per book.

My average rating for these books are 3.54.

So, my thoughts on these numbers:

I cannot believe I'm this far ahead. I almost originally put down 100 books for my challenge, but was afraid I wouldn't make that without killing myself.

I know I've read some really long books (like that Harry Potter book and a Sanderson one) but...Oh. I've got some novellas on this list. Plus three mangas. Yeah, that's where all those pages went.

I've been trying this year to be more...rather, less harsh on books. You know, if it has some good things, rate it two stars instead of one. That being said, much to my surprise, I've only rated two books one star so far this year. I've actually rated seven books five stars. Go me!

I decided to do a little quarterly survey.

Most Unexpected Like So Far:

Exactly As Good As I Thought It Would Be:

Well, That Was A Disappointment:

This was actually kind of fun to do. If Goodreads sends me another e-mail, I might do this again. If they don't, I'll probably forget. So, you got any numbers to share with me? Any books that really stand out one way or another? Love to know your thoughts.