Thursday, May 14, 2015

Take Five: Worlds I'd Like To Live In

Okay, you know the drill. Every three or four weeks I pick five books that I feel have something in common. This time around, I've latched on to five books that occupy worlds that I would like to live in.

The World: Gail Carriger's historical/steampunk/paranormal world as first seen in Soulless.
Why: Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and the gloriousness of steampunk. I think that this is pretty descriptive on it's own for me.

The World: Charlie N. Holmberg's historical/magical world as seen in The Paper Magician (and sequels).
Why: Okay, I know not a lot of people have read this book. Basically, it's set in a world where a person has the ability to work magic with a certain type of man made material. You have magicians that work with paper (obviously) as well as steel and glass and probably rubber.

The World: Brandon Sanderson's alternate universe/steampunk world as seen in The Rithmatist.
Why: Not as well known as his other books, I love this setting. Beyond being steampunk (which I adore!) it's also fighting against 'chalklings' which are merely chalk figures come to life. How, you are wondering, would we fight something like that? By creating our own 'good' chalklings to fight them!

The World: Lindsay Buroker's fantasy/steam-influenced world as seen in The Emperor's Edge series.
Why: Two words: steam lorry. I know that it not fair, but they sound totally awesome (I want to wreck one, too). That's not all, we're also offered 'alien' technology that - well, let's just say is very, very good to use as a weapon. Fun stuff.

The World: Eberron as created by Keith Baker. (His first book in the setting is The City of Towers.)
Why: I don't think people are going to appreciate this too much because whenever I get my D&D geek going, I get ignored. (Which gives me an idea for a post that no one will probably read...) So, this is a fantasy setting with all the races like elf and human and dwarf and orc and warforged (think golem) in a huge melting pot. Even better than totally averting the thought that not human equals evil is the fact that it is also magitek. In fact, as of writing this, if you click this link that takes you to the magitek page at tvtropes, the image for the page is of an Eberron fire elemental airliner. Seriously, you know you want to click that link now.

Alright, five worlds that I'd like to live in. Probably in survival rate order (you know, the one I'm most likely to live to an old age in at the top). Would you like to live in any of these worlds? What worlds would you like to live in? Did you check out that fire elemental airship?