Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Top Ten Books I'll Probably Never Read

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

Wow, this is a very interesting topic this week. Several thoughts went through my mind in deciding how I would answer this. Should I do books that it's obvious (for anyone that knows my reading preferences) I'll never read? Or, maybe, similar to that TTT post some time back with 'my genre books I've not read' and pick fantasy books I won't read. Or just go with the books that I know I won't read - ever? The fact is that I don't love these type topics for TTT because, while I have plenty to say, I don't like the depressing vibe that these lists tend to get when I make them. But I decided to go ahead and do this list because I think books you won't read can tell just as much about a person as books you want to read. I decided to go with books that everyone has heard of (and that are really, really popular) that I will probably never read.

Those of you that have read the books and love them, don't hurt me!

Top Ten Books I'll Probably Never Read

I've never actually been a vampire girl. Sure, there have been some that I've liked (cannot think of any from books right now, just anime) but as a whole they have too much of the 'dark, brooding vampire with a soul' vibe going for them for my tastes. Besides, I am a very cynical person and would likely rip this book to shreds.

While, on the surface, this is the kind of movie I'd like, the books like this really don't work for me. Besides, I think I've heard enough bad stuff about it to keep me away from it for good.

Okay, I read The Fellowship of the Ring and - for as much as I love the movies - I was bored out of my mind. The Two Towers was my least favorite (and happened to be the most depressing) of the movies. If I ever decide I want to read more, there's a high chance I'll skip this book and move right to the third.

Go ahead and tell me how I'm missing out on the best book ever - it won't make a difference to me. I know the kind of books I like and this isn't it. (And I do wish my local Walmart realized that there is more to YA than John Green.)

By now you should know I have a very special hatred for the abusive alpha-hole boyfriends. Or, honestly, guys in general that are controlling, domineering, possessive and the list could go on. I hate 'alphas'. So, once I heard a little about this book I knew it was something I never wanted to get my hands on.

Ah, Ender's Game. You know, I almost read this book once. Then I read an interview with the author and...Promptly removed this book from my TBR and reminded myself not to touch anything by this author. Some things I just cannot support.

While I've recently heard that the show is actually worse in the questionable aspects than the books - I still don't think it's for me. It's crazy that I almost feel a need to defend why I don't want to read it, but then again I mostly read fantasy and this is the first fantasy on the list that I've not at least tried to read.

It's telling that a good majority (or all of them) of the 'Readers Also Enjoyed' books over at Goodreads are romances instead of fantasy. As to why I won't read it, I have one word for you: rape. I don't care that it's historically accurate - I don't want to read about rape, almost rape, near rape, non-consentual is still rape. (I think I'm done now...)

Honestly, I've looked at this book several times and every single time, including the one time I actually did in depth research into it, my feelings are easiest summed up in the word 'meh'.

Eight hundred pages of a fantasy that sounds like my major feelings towards it would be boredom? Yeah, I think I'll pass. Besides, I've never even read a book that was that long that I actually liked.

There's my popular books I'll probably never read. Want to try convincing me that I should totally give it a shot? I'm not sure I'd bother if I were you, considering the few times I've actually succumbed to 'everyone loves it' I was either bored silly or I hated it. So, try to convince me. Or agree with me. Or tell me I'm missing out on the ten best books ever. But, please do leave a comment and I'll stop by your blog.