Friday, August 7, 2015

Giving Authors A Second Chance

Lately I've been giving a lot of thought to author second chances. I'm usually one of those people that, if the first book doesn't work for me, I don't try the same author again. But, what happens if you miss out on something really good because you didn't read another book of theirs.

Honestly, if I hadn't given Marissa Meyer a second chance, I would have never found out how great The Lunar Chronicles is because I really didn't like Cinder. So that was a second chance that worked wonderful for me. Then there was the time that I gave Falling Kingdoms a second chance and really started liking the book. Great second chances there.

But what about loving the first book you read by an author and the second book is one of the most disappointing reads you've ever come across? Should you give the author a second chance? (Or would that be a third chance?)

Or what about hearing amazing things about a different book by the author? Do you give it a go?

I honestly love the idea of giving author's more than one book to draw you in and make you a fan - after all, everyone is allowed a clunker and what if the first book I read was that author's? But in practice, I'm terrible at it.

I feel that if I don't like one book by an author, chances are I won't like any others - so why should I bother when there's so many books whose authors might be my next new favorite?

What do you think? Are you good at giving authors more than one book to impress you? Or are you good at giving authors a second chance when a book disappoints you? Or are you like me and love the idea - but have a hard time doing it?

I'd love to know! Tell me how and why and any specific books/authors you've done this with.