Monday, August 10, 2015

In Honor of Cinder: 8 Cinderella Retellings (And I Totally Fail Because I've Not Read Any Of Them)

August is the month of Cinder for anyone participating in The Book Addict's Guide (re)read along. As my first post, I decided to focus a little on other Cinderella retellings.

I'm sure we all know the story of Cinderella - it is, after all, one of the most popular fairytales ever. (I guess there's something about a guy that recognizes feet better than faces?) However, the great thing about retellings is how things are changed. That's why I love retelling so much, because the core elements are there (usually rags-to-riches and a happily ever after) but the author is allowed to make things twisty and turny and basically just play with your expectations.

Let's take a look at these other retellings.

Probably the best known Cinderella retelling.

In this story, Ella is cursed at birth when a fairy gives her the 'gift' of obedience. Now she must obey every order she's given - no matter what. After her mother dies and her mostly absent father remarries, Ella's well-being and very life seems to be in danger. But, Ella's not beaten and she sets out on a quest to find the fairy and have it remove her 'blessing'.

My reason for not reading this retelling is very shallow - I think the cover you commonly see is ugly. But this one is so cute that I want it. Anyway, I've heard wonderful things about this book and it's supposed to really challenge the 'typical' fairytales.

Next, this retelling that has been gaining in popularity lately.

This is a story about Ash, who is at the mercy of her cruel stepmother after the death of her father. Her only joy is reading the fairytales that her mother used to tell her - but reading these stories makes her wish for a fairy of her own to steal her away from her life. Then she meets the fairy Sidhean and she thinks all her wishes are granted, but the meeting between Ash and the King's Huntress changes everything.

This book's big selling point seems to be 'lesbian Cinderella'. While it sounds intriguing - and I do love the idea - I have heard some severely mixed reviews about this book. (But, still, awesome idea!)

Now we have one that is set in 17th century Holland.

What if ugly wasn't all that ugly, and being a mere stepsister didn't have to mean getting ignored for the fragile beauty of Cinderella. We all know the story of Cinderella. But what of her stepsisters? This story is told from the point of view of one of them and seeks to answer how the other half lives.

This right here is the perfect example as to why I love retellings. I love retellings that seek to turn good and evil on their heads and this is a book that I so need to read. (Side note: I saw the movie and it was fun.)

How about one that releases in September?

The story you know of Cinderella isn't the true one. Pin works day in and day out as a Seamstress in the Godmother's fortress, making ball gowns fit for fairytales. But she yearns for more than her predestined 'happily ever after' and dares to dream of romance - not with the prince, but with a shoemaker.

Definitely want to wait to see more reviews, but I was enchanted by the cover. Isn't it gorgeous? Anyway, this sounds like it'll be a very unique take and I'm very excited for it.

Try a retelling from the fairy godmother's perspective.

When Elena is left with a completely inappropriate prince, she turns her back on her life as Cinderella. Breaking with 'The Tradition' is no easy matter though, but then she got help from her very own fairy godmother. And an unexpected offer. Does this failed Cinderella have what it takes to be a fairy godmother?

This book sounds like so much fun to me. It's set in a world where people's lives have been planned out - they each have their own tale and getting away from 'destiny' doesn't sound like it'll be easy. Very badly want to read this book.

Tired of all this fantasy stuff and just want a contemporary?

Almost a year ago Ella was in a car crash that left her scarred, crippled and motherless. Now she finds herself struggling to escape her father that abandoned her when she was a baby and new awful stepfamily. Face the challenge, she reconnects with her old internet best friend, Cinder. (Who, unbeknownst to her, is a former teen heartthrob trying to make the leap to A-list actor.)

Sometimes these fluffy, frothy sounding books appeal to me, and this will definitely be one I read when that urge hits again. (Besides which, I kind of adore that cover and I don't know why.)

This Cinderella has an undead problem.

Ella doesn't have the easiest life. She cares for her war injured father, scrubs the floors - and slays the undead. In 1918 the flu pandemic claimed millions of souls in just a few short weeks. Only it wasn't the flu. And death gave them back. This katana-wielding scullery maid does her best to protect her rural town of Somerset. Things change, though, when she nearly decapitates the very-much-alive new Duke of Leithfield.

Okay, I just have to say that this book sounds totally awesome! I mean, we have a sword-fighting, zombie-slaying Cinderella. Where do I sign up? But, seriously, I need this book in my life.

What happens after the 'happily ever after'?

Ella, nothing more than a peasant girl, has been chosen to marry the prince. It should be a dream come true. But Ella must contend with controlling royals, meaningless protocol and a prince whose pretty face hides a vacant soul. With no fairy godmother to help her, Ella must gather her determination and break off the engagement. But that's no easy feat.

I love 'after-the-end' type retellings - especially when things don't work out quite the way they were supposed to. Until doing research for this post, I didn't realize that's what this story was - which totally explains why I haven't read it yet, because now I really want to.

So, eight Cinderella retellings for those still hungry after reading Cinder. Have you already read any of these? If so, I'd love to know what you think. Also, go ahead and leave me suggestions for other Cinderella retellings if you know one that I missed that you think I've got to read!