Friday, October 16, 2015

Free E-Books = Best Idea Ever

Okay, I think something most readers can agree on is that they love getting free books. Be it as gifts or ARC's or, what I'll be talking about, free e-books. I'll be honest, I only discovered these recently. I bought a kindle this year, and before that I really hadn't downloaded e-books. (Even though I did have one of their apps for my computer.)

There are several author's I've found whose books I adore - and the great thing is that first book of theirs? I got it free. And that was perfectly legal! I got the books on Amazon for my kindle. I probably never would have bought the books - even if they'd only been 99 cents - but I have since bought one of the sequels and will be buying the other.

So, by offering the first book free, they have a new fan in me.

Everyone loves free books, right?

But, you know, I think free books are good for authors too, not just readers - especially when they're part of a series. Maybe it's not so helpful to those huge authors whose name everyone know, but if it's a new author - self-published especially - I think this is a great way to hook fans into the story.

Admittedly, I've gotten a couple of free books that I didn't like. But, oddly enough, instead of forcing myself through the book and then writing a rant-style review, I just quietly closed those books. After all, I wasn't out anything by buying it so, while I didn't enjoy the book, I also didn't feel compelled to warn people away from spending their money - because the books are free.

Have you found any new authors by getting a free e-book of theirs? I want to know the good and the bad so, do tell!