Thursday, October 22, 2015

Introducing: Emperor Fuzwarts! (AKA: My WIP)

I fail. Okay, so if not at life, at least at writing and remaining true to what I said I was going to do. You know that story I said last month I was working on writing? Yeah, it fell through. That and I so don't know the kind of story it's even supposed to be. Let's say 'too many ideas and none of them coming clear.' So, while that story's on the back burner for awhile, I have decided to focus on a story that I've been thinking about for years.

WIP Codename: Emperor Fuzwarts
Progress: First Draft
I'm very early in the first draft of this story. I'm still ironing out the plot and characters and world building.

Why Emperor Fuzwarts?
I've never been good at naming my WIP. I either wind up with something that has no bearing to the story, or that I get way too attached to. The phrase 'Emperor Fuzwarts' just came to me. It's odd. It's something that I'm in no danger of wanting to keep. And it's unique. (No, the Emperor doesn't have fuzzy warts. At least, not yet.)

No, Why Emperor Fuzwarts
This story has been in my mind for years. Three people, members of the Royal Guard that would do anything for each other? Yeah, that's not what the story is now. Now we are actually seeing when they first meet and how they really don't get along. But the core has stayed the same. It's funny, I don't like moralistic stories, but I do like the ones that are trying to say something. Well, my fuzzy warted Emperor is certainly trying to say something through this story.

What is Emperor Fuzwarts?
EF is a fantasy/steampunk amalgamation set in a fantasy world. There probably won't be many - if any - fantasy creatures, but there will be gods and magic. More importantly though, EF is a story about three cadets training for the Guard. Early on in the story, they have their final test and, when the three characters are teamed up on their 'Field Exam' (basically sending the trainees out on a mission without instructors) they must learn to work together. EF is a story about misfits fitting in with each other, about friendship and what three people can accomplish.

What was Emperor Fuzwarts inspired by?
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes - anime show
Autumn's Journey - visual novel
Behind Closed Doors by Rise Against
Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE feat. Gavin Degraw

Or, to sum it up in one picture:
Fanart of Legendary Heroes

EF is about friendship, more than anything else and I have derived inspiration from some great friendships.

I hope I can actually work on this story - definitely not been having the time I want to - and that you enjoyed learning about my creative endeavor. Next month I plan to introduce my three main characters.