Monday, October 19, 2015

Thoughts, Predictions and Hopes for Winter

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Okay, so I am totally excited for Winter - like most everyone else that's a fan of this series, I'd think. Besides the huge fan base, that's also what happens when you have to wait over a year for the final book to come out. And, as someone that first read Cress close to when it came out, let me tell you, it has been a long wait.

But it has also given me plenty of time to think about the things that I want to see in the story as well as the things that we will probably see.

Seven Dwarves
I know there is probably no way that we could have actual dwarves in the story, but I'd LOVE to see a little nod to this. Seven somethings that kind of help Winter out. That'd be awesome! (Originally I was going to mention androids, but Levana hates them so I totally don't know how that would work.)

Poison Apple
I'm really curious to see if this iconic part of the tale makes it into Winter. In every adaptation or retelling I've seen, there's always this moment when Snow eats a poisoned apple and she's put into a coffin - or encased in ice. I'm definitely hoping there will be some reference to this in Winter.

Garan's Research
So, as I was rereading Cress I came across that scene where Cinder is telling Jacin about that little device that she had imbedded into her spine that kept her from going crazy even though she didn't use her Lunar gift for years and I got to thinking… We know that Jacin wants that device for Winter - but what about the rest of Lunar? I think it's going to be requested that all Lunars get one of those devices.

Ending Levana
One of my favorite things about this series is how there's so much more going on than just the romance. I am looking forward to seeing Levana die - preferably at Cinder's hands. I'm not sure the book will go that direction, but I'm hoping that Levana doesn't get to redeem herself - and that it's not her fault she dies. (No, hero offers to help but the villain trys to kill them one last time instead and falls to said villain's death.)

Happily Ever After
Yeah, I'm totally invested in the romances, too - no matter how happy I am that there's more to the story. However…I don't want to end with weddings. I mean, I know that some of these couples have been through a lot together, and romance builds quicker when you're in dangerous situations, but - really! How long have they even known each other? Besides, I don't like weddings in my YA books. So, please, no weddings. (I might not hate it if it were Winter and Jacin, because they, at least, have known each other for years. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I've not read the short story about them.)

Princess, Princess
I'm really curious to see how the Lunar queen plot is resolved. I totally think Cinder should become queen, but not fully sure it will happen. You see, she doesn't want to be queen, I think that's been pretty clear and it's going to take something major for her to actually want it - though I do think she'd be great at it. Also, there is the fact that a lot of people might disbelieve this cyborg from earth saying she's the long lost princess. Winter, on the other hand, has the kingdom's love, but no claim to the throne as she's merely the step-daughter to a princess.

There are also little notes that were mentioned in previous books that I'm curious about. Things like Jacin wanting to be a healer and how that might tie into the Letumosis cure. The fact that if Kai and the queen of Luna would marry, he wouldn't be a co-ruler, but just a consort. (And, how exactly would a long distance earth/lunar romance work?) Thorne getting his eyesight back (you know there's going to be a cute moment with Cress there). And Scarlet and Wolf reuniting (I demand a cute moment with them).

So, what are your thoughts on Winter? What do you think we'll see and what are you hoping to see?