Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Coffee Book Tag

Fun fact about me: I don't drink coffee. I know, I know, how do I survive? By drinking tea - herbal tea, usually. Love peppermint or ginger to drink after breakfast especially. But, this tag looked like too much fun to do for me to refuse. Found it at Kayla's blog, The Thousand Lives. (But I am totally not doing this the right way, because I'm supposed to take pictures and have coffee mugs in them and I don't even own this many coffee mugs.) This is the perfect time of year to do this tag as the days are getting cooler and I can finally start drinking tea in the afternoons. (Or hot carob as I can't do chocolate.)

Black: A series that's tough to get into but has hardcore fans.
This was actually a kind of tough prompt. I went with Falling Kingdoms because I've heard from a lot of people how difficult it was for them to get into it. One of the most common issues I've heard is that they dislike the rotating POV. But, I also know there are some real fans of this series. (Of which I count myself one of.)

Peppermint Mocha: A book that gets more popular during the winter or a festive time of year.
Any romance with snow or a Christmas tree on the cover. I actually don't read many Christmas-y books as I don't celebrate the holiday and my personality during that time of year can be best summed up as 'bah humbug'.

Hot Chocolate: Your favorite children's book.
Do you mean one that I read when I was a child, or one that I read recently? And what do you mean by 'children's book? Anyway, I went with The Avatar Battle because, put simply, I love the book. This is the second in the series though, and if you're wanting to start this series (that I highly recommend) you'll want to start with the first book.

Double Shot of Espresso: Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.
While I didn't love The Maze Runner, I can totally admit that it was one book that kept me interested and always curious as to what was going to happen next.
Starbucks: Name a book you see everywhere.
Paper Towns. In truth, it could probably be any John Green book because his books and whatever has been recently been turned into a movie is pretty much the limit of my local store's YA section. I picked this one though because I've seen a lot of review recently on it. (Am I sick of it the same way I'm sick of Starbucks? Oh yes.)

That Hipster Coffee Shop: Give a book by an indie author a shoutout.
There are so many great indie books I've read - but I have to go with The Emperor's Edge because it's still one of my favorites. This is the start of a very awesome fantasy series with characters that I just adore.
Oops! I Accidentally Got Decaf: A book you were expecting more from.
Everyone loves Vicious and  wanted to too. But instead I was really left confused at the adoration it receives. To me it was fairly typical and straightforward and so not as groundbreaking as I hoped it would be. (I actually think 'decaf' is a great way to describe this book.)
The Perfect Blend: A book or series that was both bitter and sweet, but ultimately satisfying.
Clockwork Princess. While this was my favorite book of the series, I am not a crier and I was weeping so hard I couldn't read during chapter 23. Full stop. If you've read the book, you know. If you haven't, I won't explain it. (And if you've read the book and still don't know...I can't help you.)

Green Tea: A book or series that is quietly beautiful.
I don't like 'quietly beautiful' books. (Whatever that's supposed to mean anyway.) I like books that are loud and messy. ;)

Chai Tea: A book or series that makes you dream of far off places.
So, usually I'm stuck in fantasy and I didn't want to make this about a nonexistent world. Then I remembered the Amelia Peabody Mystery series, which starts with Crocodile on the Sandbank. This series takes place in Egypt (almost exclusively) at the end of the 1800's and you can really feel the setting as you're reading. The atmosphere is great and it's just so rich. (In truth, I could have had nearly any of Elizabeth Peter's books here, but this is my favorite series of hers and I love it more than her standalones.)

Earl Gray: Your favorite classic.
Confession time: Classics and I have a love/hate relationship. By that, I mean that everyone else loves them and I usually hate them. I've not read a lot of classics, and whenever I do read one, I usually don't like it. (Hate's probably too strong a word, but really.) Of the two that I've read and actually liked, I chose Treasure Island. Why? Because the other is Pride and Prejudice and everyone knows about it. (And my feelings towards it, I would assume.) Besides, Treasure Island was the first classic I read and liked. (Big thanks to my brother for buying the book for my birthday about fifteen years ago!)

This has definitely maked me want something warm to drink. Going to have to get inventive this winter with my drinks - now that I can finally do something besides fruity teas. :)

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