Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Wishes For The Book Genie

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

Even though I don't usually wish for things I can't have, this topic is absolutely genius! As the brains behind TTT said 'you dream it and the book genie can do it.' <3

Wish #1: More space for my books.
I have only a very limited amount of shelf space for books and only a very limited amount of space for my shelves. I'd love to have practically limitless room so I don't have to kick book off quite so often. In fact, can I have a two story library with a rolling ladder attached to the south wall of my bed room? I'd just pop out that window and put a doorway in. Please, book genie? Oh, and I'll also need it already stocked or have a limitless budget to spend on books.

Wish #2: Author Resurrection
There is little I want more than a true 'final book' to the Amelia Peabody mystery series - one better than the disappointing A River in the Sky. And not the far future (like twelve years later) Tomb of the Golden Bird. Sadly, the author Elizabeth Peters passed away two years ago and I hope they never hire a ghostwriter. (R.I.P. Ms. Peters. You are missed.) What do you mean you 'can't bring people back from the dead,' book genie?

Wish #3: Scooby-Doo Books
For young adults. Seriously. There are some awesome James Gelsey books out there, but they are all rather simplistic. I'd love it if you'd take Mystery Inc. and give them a more 'adult' platform. Keep their personalities intact - not like that horrible Mysteries Incorporated show - but give them more mature cases and topics. Yes, book genie, I want you to keep the talking dog, too.

Wish #4: Autographed Set
Of the first five professionally published Hadrian and Royce (Riyria Revelations & Riyria Chronicles) books by Michael J. Sullivan in hardcover. There is a chance that, with the third in the Riyria Chronicles releasing next month, I might be able to get an autographed hardcover of it. Oh, by the way, book genie, I also need a glass case for them and a place to put the case.

Wish #5: A Brandon Sanderson Created World
For other authors to play in. Kind of like the Ed Greenwood created Forgotten Realms or the Keith Baker created Eberron. I love Sanderson's world building, but his characters just don't work for me. And I don't like getting bogged down in his minuta heavy, detailed writing. Also, book genie, after admitting to this, I'm going to need a raincoat for all the rotten fruit that get's thrown at me.

Wish #6: Playlists For Books
With the way media kind of bleeds together anymore, how awesome would it be to get personalized playlists for each book. Just think about getting to listen to such-and-such's fight song while reading that scene. Or doing dishes. Not necessarily a all new song, but a song that suits, book genie. (Character songs are awesome, too.)

Wish #7: Better Kindle Organization
Especially more intuitive and more options. Because I hate just having all my books dumped on there together so I seldom have more than eight or so books on there at a time. Book genie, please wiggle your nose or wave your wand or whatever it is that book genies do, at amazon.

Wish #8: A Bookstore In My Town
And one that actually handles the kinds of books I read. Used bookstore, new bookstore, I don't care, book genie. I just want a place to blow my paycheck each week.

Wish #9: Very Close (Like In My Town) Book Convention
I'd love to go to one. But I kind of don't travel. Being in a car for an hour and a half trip is kind of a big deal (and I kind of don't like it). So I'd love it if some book-con would come to my town. I would totally go there. And, book genie, not a tiny little 'well, five people showed up' convention, please.

Wish #10: More Wishes
It's okay, book genie, I heard you the first time, no need to yell. No wishing for more wishes!

This was so much fun and I totally can't wait to see what everyone else asks of the book genie!