Friday, September 18, 2015

Clicking 'Mark-As-Read'

I love the blogs I follow. I don't follow a bunch of them - not dozens like some people, though I have recently found a few more to follow - but the ones I do follow are awesome. I love the bloggers, even if our taste is seldom the same, they are still awesome people and I love talking to them. And I love Bloglovin'. That is my first choice for following blogs. It works perfectly for me and is just excellent.

However, some days I sit down and load up Bloglovin', ready to comment on the awesome posts these awesome bloggers posted but… Something happens. Something I don't like. I wind up clicking 'mark-as-read'.

It happens. I know it does. No matter how much you like a blog or the blogger behind it, they're going to post stuff you're not interested in.

However, I've been noticing that that little 'mark-as-read' button gets quite a workout from me.

So, I'm wondering, what makes you 'mark-as-read' a post? For me, it's gotta be the Blitz and the Tour posts. I love the weird stuff, the odd post title that leave me going 'what's that?'. For me, reviews are kind of hit and miss. Contemporary isn't my thing, so more often than not that'll get an automatic pass. I always read the fantasy reviews though. And finally, I love the Top Ten Tuesday memes - though I never click on the Stacking the Shelves ones. I'm also not the biggest reader of recap posts.

I definitely don't feel guilt over this, as I know that each post just won't be for everyone. (I sure know that my posts aren't.) But, it's an interesting realization to come to.

How do you follow blogs? Bloglovin'? Or another platform? - I'd love to know what it is, if that's the case. What causes you to just give the post a pass without even reading it?